Question 1: Who is Eastern Pathology?

Answer: Eastern Pathology is a physician owned and operated full service dermatopathology laboratory specializing in the diagnosis of skin disease.


Question 2: What is a Dermatopathologist?

Answer: Dermatopathologists are board certified physicians who after completing extensive education in either dermatology or pathology, pursued additional training in accredited fellowship programs for the diagnostic interpretation of skin biopsies. These physicians integrate the clinical information with microscopic observations of the biopsy from the patient to provide diagnostic information to the treating physician. Dermatopathology is a consultative service to the referring physician and not simply a laboratory test. The accurate microscopic interpretation of a biopsy is essential in the selection of appropriate and effective therapies.


Question 3: If my practice is not in WV can you still handle my dermatopathology needs?

Answer: Yes, we can and will gladly work with any physician within the United States.


Question 4: Will you call or contact us if there is a melanoma or put a “rush” if asked for a particular patient?

Answer: Yes, will contact you immediately if a melanoma is diagnosed or if you have a rush on a particular patient.


Question 5: Is there a contract needed to use your services?

No, there is no contract required. We are confident that your experience with our professional and certified lab, dermatopathologist, and support team will be so outstanding that you will gladly continue to use our services now and in the future.


Question 6: Will my office be billed for any of the services, supplies, or courier?

No, you will be supplied all the necessary materials to store and ship your specimens and there will be no charge to you for shipping, couriers or collection supplies.


Question 7: Will my patient receive a separate bill from Eastern Pathology?

Eastern Pathology participates in many insurance programs, including Medicare. We will process your patient’s insurance claim but there are times when the patient may receive a separate statement from Eastern Pathology. Please inform your patients that you have selected Eastern Pathology due to their expertise in Dermatopathology and it will save them money by reducing their overall medical costs.


Who do my patients contact about billing questions at Eastern Pathology?

They can send an email to billing@easternpathologywv.com. Locally they can call (304) 252-2673 or long distance at (800) 970-3555.